Letter from the editor

ACHAIKI IATRIKI | 2022; 41(4): 170

Letter from the editor


Dear colleagues,

In the current issue, the editorial by Lampri E., describes the role of the collaboration between a pathologist and a gastroenterologist and emphasizes the need for a direct and close communication for the benefit of the patient.

Moreover, this issue includes five reviews. The first review, by Bellou et al. summarizes the latest data regarding the acute phase and the long-term treatment of the pulmonary embolism. The review by Dimitrakopoulos et al. describes the signaling pathways involved in metastatic colorectal cancer development and progression and identifies the molecular targets that constitute eligible targets for immunotherapy drugs. The review by Konstantopoulou et al. provides an overview of biosensors development and their applications across several domains. The review, by Liossis et al. presents data on the direct and indirect role of B cells in three autoimmune disorders: systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic sclerosis. Lastly, the review by Staveri C., describes novel therapeutic approaches regarding the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, focusing particularly on lupus nephritis.

Warmest wishes for a happy holiday season,
Yours sincerely

C. Triantos
Associate Professor in Internal Medicine
and Gastroenterology Faculty of Medicine,
School of Health Sciences, University of Patras

Editor-in-Chief of the journal “ACHAIKI IATRIKI”