Letter from the editor

ACHAIKI IATRIKI | 2023; 42(3): 122

Letter from the editor


Dear colleagues,

In the current issue, the editorial by Katsila et al. comments on the progress of radiation oncology and the active involvement of radiologists in the exploration and implementation of biomarkers in their field. The editorial by Finitsis et al. presents a timely update of the trials on thrombectomy for large ischemic brain infarcts up to 24 hours after symptom onset.

Moreover, this issue includes three review articles. The review article by Lazaris V. summarizes the latest data on the pathophysiology, risk factors, treatment, and prevention options regarding the acute chest syndrome. The review by Anagnostopoulou et al. aims to delineate the diagnostic process of dyspneic patients and presents the therapeutic options in the management of such patients. Also, it provides insights into the specific treatment algorithms of the most common causes of dyspnea. The review by Kalampoki et al. provides a comprehensive overview of data regarding the definition, prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of occult hepatitis B infection, focusing on the risk of occult HBV infection in blood transfusion and in HBV elimination strategies.

Lastly, this issue includes the case report by Lagadinou et al. which presents an unusual case of Datura stramonium poisoning that occurred after eating accidentally Datura flowers. The patient was presented with encephalitis-like symptoms and was cured successfully.

C. Triantos
Associate Professor in Internal Medicine
and Gastroenterology Faculty of Medicine,
School of Health Sciences, University of Patras
Editor-in-Chief of the journal “ACHAIKI IATRIKI”